Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heidi still loves Jack White. Heidi loves Jack White even more.

Most of you probably already know that I adore Jack White.

Jack has decided that when he and right hand woman Meg tour my country this summer, they're going to do it right. They're going to hit every province and territory even though doing it this way means just breaking even. Like, they're going to NUNAVUT to play a gig in Iqaluit. And Whitehorse, and Yellowknife. They're doing it because they want to see it all.

Dang. What a great reason to go on tour!!

As if that wasn't enough, Jack figures he's kinda sorta Canadian too while he's at it. That's right, Jack claims that his ancestry is Scottish with a stop in the Canadian Maritimes before heading for work in Detroit. Keep in mind this is also the guy who claimed that his bandmate was his sister when it turns out she's actually his ex wife. Oh Jack, you are sooo wacky!!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the White Stripes, Jack and Meg will gig at a beautiful old theatre in Nova Scotia which is completely decorated in...red and white and black!!!

Welcome home Jack, you crazy pasty skinned little Canuck!!

Maybe Meg is part Canadian too, which explains that awesome maple leaf dress. Hey wouldn't it be great if they really were Canadian, and then they would like, actually go to the Juno awards, and then Me and Jethro would go too, because we like to do that every year, and I could walk past them too, just like I have walked past many other famous rock stars as well as all four Canadian Idol judges? I could stand in close proximity to Jack with the same facial expression that he has in the above photo!!!

Sadly, I don't think we'll be joining that crazy duo this summer. We are rather broke these days. We took the kids two years ago and let me tell you, it was an awesome concert. All music, lots of weirdness, amazing stage set, and about five spoken words all evening.

Jack gets it. Examine this exerpt from the linked article:

"Playing in a smaller club is better than playing in a big arena, playing in a small town is better than playing in a big town, and playing in a town that is on the outskirts that people don't usually go to is, of course, way better than playing a huge, major city in any country," he said.

"You're always going to have better shows because people are just more involved. In the bigger towns, sometimes you'll find crowds that kind of go to rock 'n' roll shows and kind of treat it like they're going to watch a movie or sit in front of a television. They're not involved actively in any way, and it's disappointing. Because the show, it could be so much better if people would sort of put forth some energy. Sometimes you're dying up there. You need a helping hand."

I would just like Jack White to know that I am actually from the outskirts of a place that people usually only drive past, and that I would gladly give him a helping hand at a show.

I'm not saying Jack would make a good country boy necessarily, despite his new home in Nashville and all. I wouldn't want to risk him getting a sunburn or breaking his hand...again.

I think he'd make a great country boy if it only involved standing in an old barn playing a geetar. Or a seetar. As long as he never had to heave a hay bale or wrestle a critter he'd be perfect.


That, he'd be awesome at.

I'd let Jack throw a concert in my barn any day. Jack, bring Meg and those Ranconteur boys over. I'll supply you with music lovers!


Biddie said...

You should talk to KC..That's all I'm saying....
If Neil Diamond or The Rebels come to town, I'm your girl!

emily said...

hmmmmm, i can't say i love jack white....but i looooooove that maple leaf dress!!!

terry said...

i think you've got to find a way to go. i don't think they can tour properly without you!

captain corky said...

I just love Canadian patriotism. Brings a tear to me eye every time.

Heidi the Hick said...

Canadian patriotism is odd isn't it? We crack jokes about our own country, we invite our politicians onto our comedy shows instead of just lampooning them behind their backs, and we love our Famous People after they leave. but darn, if somebody else's Famous People wanna join us we're all over it.

Yep Corky, brings a tear to the eye and a doughnut to yer hand.

Terry, and Biddie, I think we might try to hit the London show. I told KC that she and her boy should buy their tix because I don't know if/when we'll be able to go and I don't want them to miss out because of us dragging our feet.

I still really wanna go! And the kids are moping around pouting that they want to see the Icky Thump show. sounds so funny...

Biddie I would go see Neil Diamond with you. You know that!

Emily doesn't that dress rock?!? I'm getting ideas for my next Juno masterpiece. I wonder if I can get it in pink, hee hee!

her indoors said...

this guy has a look of that other man in your life you know the one i mean the Johhny fella! or is it just me?

Heidi the Hick said...

No it's not just you- last year I did a photo comparison!

coffeypot said...

I keep looking for Jack on our country stations, but he either dosen't play down here or he hasn't reached the country plateau yet.

coffeypot said...

He's not on talk radio, either.

Balloon Pirate said...

What a great idea--a tour as a tour. I'm hoping to see Joan Armatrading when she comes here. That would be the high point of my summer.


Heidi the Hick said...

Joan is touring this summer???? Wow!

I know, TOUR, I think that would possibly be one of the best things about being in a band. In reality is disgusting- renting a motel room just so you can get a decent shower, dining on wilted catering, always disoriented...oh heck for some people that's still all part of the fun!

Coffey, I think a lot of country stations were kind of ticked at Jack for taking on that Loretta Lynn record, him being an outsider and all. I guess he figured he'd solve that and just move to Nashville.

Talk radio- that's funny! Jethro makes music all day and listens to talk radio all the way home.

dilling said...

i, too, love the dress...but jack's skin makes me feel a wee bit squeamish...and not in a good way

LeRoy Dissing said...

Heidi...you crack me up. I never know what or who you will idolize next! :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Just keepin ya on your toes, LeRoy!!

Dilling...I know. Jack needs some sun. He's like Willy Wonka when he brought the kids into the chocolate factory. Sorta green.

It's the studio tan, I tell ya. These guys look like they've been under a rock. Jethro's been nocturnal for a week and he's getting a bit of a fish belly glow. I mean, being of British blood doesn't help much but we really need to start exposing him to gradually increasing doses of daylight before he starts to get see-through.

When I'm done with Jethro I'll start on Jack. He should be in good shape for my imaginary outdoor music festival...

Anonymous said...

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